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“ I really liked how you created such a warm and welcoming environment to talk in, and cry in if need be, etc.
I really feel you helped me change my approach to life and work in general and moved me to a much better place to take care of myself and others.
The work you do is really transformative and it’s hard to imagine going back to that place I was in before – impossible actually.
Working with you has established deep roots of self-love that I’m sure will continue to grow. ”

— Anne, previous client

“ I really, really got a lot out of a couple of the visualisation exercises you took me through in the earlier couple of sessions, dropping into a future imagined scenario and seeing how it felt. Powerful stuff.
After our first 3 or 4 sessions I really had a sense of direction and certainty about my goals and plans that I don’t think I have ever really achieved in life... it was really powerful to experience that sense of agency in my own life.
It’s now emerging in other areas of my life – work, relationships, projects – having the capacity to make solid decisions, act on them and stick with them.”

— David, previous client

What is coaching?

Coaching seeks to unravel whatever may be blocking you from fulfilling your potential.


Though therapeutic, it's not a replacement for therapy

Self-love coaching focuses specifically on exploring and improving your relationship with yourself.


This, in turn, will help you improve your relationship with others in your life by helping you build on your communication skills, empathy and patience.

It's a self-led process, which means you decide its direction. The work you put in directly affects what you get out of it.

Is coaching for me?
Is coaching for me?

A coach is less of a teacher and more of a guide - we are here to ask you the right questions to help you listen to your inner knowledge, not to tell you what to do!

Are you:

☐ willing to learn more about yourself?

☐ willing to explore your life issues, motivations and solutions?

☐ prepared to invest time and resources into your personal growth?

☐ willing to be fully honest with yourself and with your coach?

If you've said yes to these, then congratulations! You're coachable! :)

How do you work?
How does it work?

We will both work on the surface/behavioural level and the deeper/emotional level to achieve lasting results and uproot limiting beliefs.

In the initial consultation, we can get to know each other to see if we would work well together, explore areas we could work on and set out a plan if you are ready to start your coaching journey.

Each session is different, but we usually start by exploring how things have been since our last session - what goals you worked on, any developments, issues etc.


Throughout, I will ask you some questions to help you deeply explore the issues you're facing and emerge with some action points.

If fitting, you will be guided through a meditation to get to the core of what's really going on; getting you to sink deeper into the feelings you're experiencing so you can understand their source and help unblock what's holding you back.

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