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Loving with the Lights On runs self love & relationship workshops for the public and for private organisations/groups.

The sessions focus on getting to know yourself and your needs first, as loving yourself is a necessity in order to form healthy, balanced relationships with others.

They are aimed at anyone who's willing to work on and improve their relationship with themselves and others - regardless of sexuality, relationship status or gender (unless stated otherwise)

The workshops explore a diverse range of topics including self love, boundaries and communication. The focus is on self-reflection and practice, using meditation and coaching-style questions to help participants think and feel through their experiences (see "What does a typical workshop look like?")

I left not only feeling powerfully connected to myself and those around me, but actively empowered to make positive changes to improve my life. The group is not about “fixing” oneself, but “facing” oneself.

— Rachel

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Workshop series

Self Love Clinic

A space to explore the meaning of self-love and why it's vital in relationships with others and all aspects of our life.​


We'll use tools to look at and enhance our relationship with ourselves.

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Coming after the end of the world

Typical Workshop

What does a typical workshop look like?

We begin by introducing ourselves to the group and create ground rules together to ensure a safe, non-judgemental and welcoming space. The maximum group size is 10 people to retain intimacy & safety.

To begin the session, you will be guided through a short grounding meditation to help you land into the room, become present and leave behind any distractions from your day.

Exercises are gentle but powerful, as introspection is the focus of these sessions. I stress the importance of following your intuition and setting boundaries, so participation and sharing is always optional.

There is often time to share your experience, reflect by yourself and to take a break in the middle of the session.


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